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Heavy's Dream to Fly

2009-12-22 12:59:49 by TiberiumCrystalKutu

Heavy always wanted to fly :D And his dream is now real. For now...

Heavy's Dream to Fly


2009-12-16 09:55:05 by TiberiumCrystalKutu



Half Life is awesome

2009-11-06 10:39:15 by TiberiumCrystalKutu

I think that VALVe made its best with the half life series. I mean, they are AWSUM games and very fun. Here is a pic of my latest half life creation: The melonnade cocktail :D

(Somethink I have to say: I admit Tarboy was a good flash and it was rightfully in the first place for some time but as all top flashes here on NG like Waterlollies for e.x. it is now falling).

Half Life is awesome

Madness Accelerant walkthrough

2009-09-23 13:29:27 by TiberiumCrystalKutu

I made this walktrhough o help users who find it difficult to cope with the madness accelerant game. It may have some errors so please comment to help me improve it. I do not compete against other walkthorughs. Everyone is free to choose what solution he wants.

First, we talk about weapons:
1. Standard rifle:
YOu get this weapon when you start the game and when you respawn if you die in-game. It does standard damage and it is normal for all.
This is best for fighting henchmen. It has a wide range and kills them fast. It is good against tricky but be sure you cans ee what he plans behind your flames.
My favorite. It does strong damage from point blank range and it is good both for henchmen and tricky. Henchmen are killed like n00bs close to this weapon and it is very good because it throws them away and they cannot pounch you.
A standard weapon that fits best for henchmen because of its speed. It can be used against tricky but do no expect to win him with that weapon.
Machine gun:
This is a masterpiece. It does extreme damage and knocks back all of enemies. It can hold you in mid air shooting and this helps avoid tricky's ground attacks. You should feel lucky if you find it:D
I will not discuss this further. Pistols suck. They have low ammo, they do little damage and they have an accuracy that sometimes misses even tricky. If you have one, just use it to push back henchmen because they can knock back their targets.
Greande Launcher:
This is another masterpiece. It does extreme damage and has a big splash damage that helps you puch tricky's headaway and deal with henchmen. But use its average ammo wisely.
Edit: An update has been done. Now, you can change weapons by pressing the D button and you can increase the ammo with same weapons. This is usefull, for helping you keep the chainsaw or having enough ammo for a boss.
Edit2: I got some info on the chainsaw. You may usually mindlessly killing and pushing everyone with it, but it just does extreme damage and you have to sawing henchmen not for much time to conserve the saw's energy.

Also, MAJOR UPDATE:TomFulp heard our prays and added point n' click mouse shooting. This can be a litlle tricky, because there is no cursor, but the good is this: You can always aim tricky or everyone who is underneath you. With a little practice, mouse aiming makes everything better;)

This was it for the weapons. Let's move to the funny side.

When you start the game, you start with a boss fight o_0 so BE prepared. At first stage, the place is tight and your best bet is either staying at corner that does not spawn hechmen or stay at the center. The secret at winning the whole game is tricky's fists. In each encounter, the timing between you and tricky's fists is the MOST esential piece of the game and I guess you have understanded that the double jump is your best friend here.
To fight at the first tricky fight, you will need strong stuff. The first henchman with the flamethrower provides you with it but beware. Kill him from afar, see tricky's hand raise, move towards the flamethrower when the fist is unleased a you(before it hits you of course). Then jump at his face and shoop da woop him. Watch for the henchmen coming and always conserve ammo for them. Having to fight a henchman with your fists will certainly cost you a health point at minimum.
After you make tricky throw you away, things are simple. Go in front of the door the n00b henchmen are coming to you. Attack with the weapon from last tricky fight and continue. Do not be afraid. They shoot you some seconds after they get out.

Get in there and do the same on the tight hallway. It is easy, but be sure you do not enter the next room before you have a gun full of ammo and NOT a pistol, for god's sake it is useless.

When you enter the stairway, a starter would spam incoming enemies and kill them all. THIS IS EPUC FAILURE. Because if you do this, you reamain wothout guns because all the guns dissapear with the corpses. And then tricky pops up and you wet yourself. You must proceed and kill everyone threats you so when tricky comes you have a gun ready to show to him . The tactic here is to see when tricky's fists charge and gat a lilltle back. You know that then it is time for double jump. If you double jump at a style 1,2 double jump-1,2 double jump, the tricky kills the henchmen and you pick the weapons and you can face him there wothout loosing a single health point and this is important.

Then hurry fast to the elevator. At the elevator things get difficult. Keep the hotdig if you are at grave health. There, you must beat tricky till his health gets around 600. This is one of the most difficult stages. The difficult part is to avoid tricky. Do not get tricked that corners are safe. The fists cathc you there too. As I said the whole game is a matter of synchronisation. See how long the fists get to lock on you and avoid them a second after you see the fists at top height. The tirck there is to let tricky pounch the ground and own him with your gun at from the central hole. It is very difficult to fight guards at the elevator because if the pounch you, you remain exposed to tricky's fists. Also, to avoid the flame breath, see when his head rises, and then after you see it go below a non hole elevator part. The flame does you nothing there. When you beat tricky proceed.

You will find henchmen. Own them freely. Then watch out for the glowy bastard. This place of the game is the one that requires the most synchronisation. When the tricky's head, moves slightly backwards, it is an alert for pipe grabbing. When you grab the pipe shoot him. Do not shoot him when you are on the ground because you mostly miss. When you see tricky's fist at the back ready to launch, it is too late. The aura of the fist hits you and you fell down. Keep the hotdogs if you have encouraging health and use them at emergency. The fire breath can be easily spotted by wacthing tricky's mouth. The guards die from lava too, so ammo is no object here.

After this, you go to a tight room. This is easy. Grab your p90, and own everybody:D. For the big guy, do not worry. He will shot you only when he reloads the shotgun. Just make sure he aims the guards and own. Kill everyone with th p90 you will gain from the last ight and then kill moar guys with the chainsaw. Proceed and facerape the bastard. When you reach the lower room drop the chainsaw own everybody with a shotgun, get back the saw and go to the next room.

Here there is a tricky trick. Go just in the place tricky is. Jump and whilst holding the down arrow, be chainsawing him. Wacth when he turns his head to breathe fire, and that's it. He can do nothing to you. But if you have not the chainsaw, there is another way. Be always far from him, so when henchmen come, he kills them with his rush. Just jump when he rushes, take the gunz and try to be shooting him all the time. Do this till he drops you outside. Outside, just make sure you are near enemies and tricky will flame them for you. OWN HIM WITH ALL GUNS YOU TAKE and decide if you will let tricky live or punch him to reveal his face.

Some uefull tips about enemies and ammo:
All enemies tend to use their weapons some seconds after they see you. If you fist them fist them from as far as you can because if they touch you you fell down.
EDIT: Hotdogs may make you feel better about yourself when you have low health, but take them immediatly. They raise your health.
Make Tricky kill henchmen for you:D
Edit3(madness mode tips): Now things are rough, tricky has much moar health and guards can shot you. This is the hardest. MAke sure you shoot the guards on first sight, and always synchronise with tricky, because he is faster in madness mode. Here is what you must do. First, note that grunts are very clever and they fire at will. Keep them busy or steal their weapon. They have much health. The chainsaw is very tough to be got there, because you spend its energy on killing grunts and you have no energy for tricky left. When you face tricky's humn form, make him rush to kill incoming grunts. Note the the shotgun of the mad toture agent does not kill grunts immediately. Try to die while facing the last form of tricky to gain health. Then jsut fight him with whatever weapon you pick up. Here, he can fire his fireballs like cannonballs, so let him kill grunts behind you. A bit difficult but with synchronisation you can do it. Good luck guys.
(Can anyone tell me how to make a video of me finishing the game so I can show it here?)

A medal tips list:
Facerape medal can be get when you get the chainsaw and cut the face of the big grunt.
A winner is you medal can be gained by beating the game.
The true face of evil medal is gained by punching tricky's face.
Pacifist medal can be gained if you decide to leave tricky live his life.
Thanks to flyingmonkey456 for helping me on this.
Edit3:Madness Mode: Finish the game on madness mode, this is difficult.

Here we have a list of the health tricky will should have to make you proceed at the next levels:
The mag toture agent(tahnking chainsaw murderer for the name) will drop you when below 200 health. Edit: Now Tricky's human sized form drops you to the next stage below ~170 health.
Thanks to Rhunyc for letting me add this pic to the walkthrough:D
Comment to help me improve.

Join the official Madness Combat Crew

Madness Accelerant walkthrough

This is unfair

2009-08-23 12:36:37 by TiberiumCrystalKutu

This is really unfair. At last I got a hat and now whenevr point record I do as any class dissapears after 12 hours. I have a soldier record 9 only because I raised it ~3 times and then it dissapeared. Need help with that pls.

This is unfair

Hello my friends.

I made this news page so that you can post here as comments your answers about history so I can solve them. I am a bit expert at history and I like helping other people. History is a magnificent thing. history differs us from any other being. History makes us unique. So, I am here so I can help making history known to many of you.

History has its root at ancient ages. There, people like Greeks, Egyptians, Native Americans and Persians( alongside other uknown nations) started writting their history, the achievements and failures of their nation.

Ancient writers were saying that the most important history part is truth. They were saying that history without truth is like a living organism without eyes. They wanted to say, that when someone adopts the role of the history writer, he has to forget all about his nation, his king, his friends and his enemies, and just write what happened.

Then, we follow the traits of history truth the ages of Rome. Till then, many writers keep records of what was happening, but after the revelation of the Christianism, history continued walking, but invisible. We see clearly history again at the Crusade and the Renaisance period where writers make books and chapters about heroic knights and they paralel tell us the history of these years.

Then, we progress at the atomic age, when World Wars take place. In a such destroyed Europe, writting history is abandoned and all people try to find shelter from war. Only the higher nobles were able to do free acts, so we have famous writtings and poets from these men.

Today, peace rules everything. There may be some sort of confusions, but we are living in a calm climate where we study and write our thoughts on books or the net. So this is our chance to help some find out their history while we continue progressing ours.

So, in this news page, you can post comments about your historical questions and I will gladly answer them.
Note: I am well aware that there are many threads here on Newgrounds that have many subjects too. I do not compete these threads and if their subject has historical range, they are completely free to tell it at their members. I am here just for instant help.

(I expertise on Greek, Crusader(Templar e.t.c.) and Byzantine history)

The history of History

Madness Scene Creator

2009-06-09 08:09:25 by TiberiumCrystalKutu


I must personally anounce that I am a Madness Scene creatr. I started and I found out my talent. I have created many scens and my dream is to see Hank in a Madness combat movie crossing a hall where you can see one of of my scenes, but dreams are dreams.

Anyway, if you want a nice Madness scene, you can tell me how you want it(inside the limits of Madness Scene creator 3) and you can post your e-mail as comment(or send me a PM) and I will gladly create a scene for you.

I am creating this "scene offers" because I hope that someone will discover my talent.

I hope you will enjoy the scenes I can create.
Here are some good examples of my skills:D

here and there and also here.

You can check this too:D
This one is nice.
Check this too.
And if you see this and that you will be very happy.

Madness Scene Creator

Resistance 2 Crew

2009-05-21 07:24:17 by TiberiumCrystalKutu

Hi everyone, I may seem like a new user but I knew Newgrounds since 2006 where a friend of me showed it to me.

Resistance 2 is a FPS(First Person Shooter) game made by Insomniac. The story is: that in 1954 a virus in Russia( a miscalculated result from an experiment) infects millions of people. The survivord have been mutated to disgusting creatures in all sizes and they are called the Chimera. Despite their twisted brains, they want to revenge the humans and they advance in technology creating powerful deadl weapons. By the time the Chimeran Hordes arrive to Britain, America sends 1200 soldiers to aid the british resistance. While Britain is half destroyed, only 1 of these troops survive, Sergeant (and later Lieutenant Nathan). Resistance 2 tells his story. The game itself has prototype weapons with primary fire buttons and secondary fire buttons like the Phoenix Medi-Gun, that drains and stores health from enemies(and burns them to ashes), and can throw(as secondary fire) Health bombs that explode healing allies. Another nice weapon is the Splicer, a nice device that with primary fire throws homing shurikens( that keep stabing the target) and by holding the secondary fire button it charges and releases a powerful shot( note: enemies close by while it is charging will be torn apart). So, if you like/are going to get or have Resistance 2, be members and if you want help with the game or more information on it, I will be here to help you.

1)Don't provoke heavily other members.
2) Don't argue over pointless or stupid subjects.
3) When I tell to discuss peacefully I just mean no excessive violent words. It is normal that a small bad word will slip from our brains to the keyboard like:fool:)
4)Have fun:D

I will be making a list every new week that will have the rank of the members. Post to be promoted.
The ranks are these:

American civilian: The first rank. He can discuss peacefully but has no authority in the crew.
British troop: The second rank. He can discuss peacefully and can sugest who is being abusive.
Marine: The third rank.He can discuss peacefully and can remind to others being abusive to stop doing that.
Marine Officer: The fourth rank. He can discuss peacefully. He has authority over American civilians, British troops and Marines, but he cannot kick them out of the topic. But when he recommends it there is a 80% that his request will be aproved depending of the reason. There can be only one Marine Officer at a time.
Elite Troop: The fifth rank.He can discuss peacefully. He helps Marine Officers and organises lower ranks.
Anti-Chimera Terminator(There is nothing like this in the game): The sixth rank. He can discuss peacefully. He helps at organising the crew, he can declare someone "infected(abusive)" and is inspecting the crew member's past posts, so if someone is about to get kicked, the good and bads will be said.
Lieutenant-Fighter: The highest rank(me). He decides about who is going to get in the crew and provides valuable information to all members. He can decide to kick someone only in highly urgent situations but he is the one who decides who will be kicked by the request of a Marine Officer or an Anti-Chimera Terminator.

Read this...
I, take my responsibilities as a leader. Always. If during the carrer of the crew, I become a bad leader, please tell it to me. Everyone, from Amercan civilians to Anti-Chimera Terminators, will be treated with respect. If you don't have the game, it doesn't matter highly. I will be there to help you understand it.

A word of advice to everyone:
Be polite with your crewmates, and know this: if someone asks to join, I will accept him and if someone tells me not to, I will think it at least 5 times if the reson is right or not. HAVE FUN AT MY CREW.

If you want to join, go here and post your join request.

Resistance 2 Crew


2009-04-12 10:50:27 by TiberiumCrystalKutu

Hello everybody, this is my first day here..yeah.Hi.